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I know more than half of the passengers will disagree with me, but we had a very nice cruise and so did the couple we traveled with. I guess we were just lucky to have Sebastiano as a waiter who made our cruise so much more enjoyable. He was the best we have ever had. He went beyond just waiting on us . He was a friend. I will admit this line needs some help. I wish I could just talk to someone who would listen. I think It was a build up of things that bothered most people. Key West was the last straw. We made the best of everything and had a good time. We found everyone to be very friendly and helpful except Linda the American host. She seemed to not want to be bothered with our foolish questions. Most passengers didn't realize that this was a value cruise and were expecting a lot more like Chocolates on there pillow. I loved it but did my homework before we chose this line and knew what to expect. I loved the Italian music and atmosphere. Too bad so many others hated it so much . We are working on a very extensive review.

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