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Default Personal Choice & Alternate Dining Fees

I have just re-read the Princess news announcement of 9/12 regarding the new Personal Choice dining option and have only recently booked our next cruise on the Grand Princess in 2001. We enjoyed our 35th Anniversary dining experience on the Millenniium in the Olympic and gratiously paid the $12 pp gratuity to be served in fine style by 4 specially trained servers. When a small snifter of fine Brandy is $18 per glass, what's another $12! Well I think it means a lot, if on every cruise and in many different restaurants the surcharges keep going up. Many might prefer to personally choose dining at a time of their choice and with those of their choice, but while cruising we are not as privledged to be joined by traveling companions and friends and enjoy meeting new people. The evening dining experience and sharing new things with others is usually a great part of the trip. I don't mind generously tipping the same wait staff member we have every day for good service, but Princess now tells me they are going to add $6.50 per day to my our bill automatically for dining service and I have the option to make adjustments before the end of our cruise! Will Princess automatically adjust the nightly service fee when I eat in the alternative restaurant, have room service or dine in the Bistro or is it up to me to remember; what nights & what dining rooms we have been to, so I can adjust the pre-billed amount? Will this offer me good service, will they put on Wine Stewards who know their products and what happens to the server in the Bistro, do we tip upon service there, too. Choice and Change are inevitable but I hope we are not reversing back to the "good old days" of Class restrictions- the haves and have nots. Does anyone know if you can
e-mail Princess directly? Maybe they have detailed these new choices so I, the traveler, can understand them. What are your thoughts?
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