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Default RE: Sea Princess excursion choices + times

Norm---we tried the "Just Browsing" and "no thank you" at almost every store in Soni's plaza in Ocho Rios. Didn't work. And when we left the store, we were harrassed for leaving without buying. The stop was about 30 mins. and was between the Plantation and the falls. However, the excursion was well worth it. We just know that next time, we won't get off the bus at the shopping area.
A word of advice--I may have mentioned this on the Cruisemates bd. Sue, I know we talked over there. At the falls, our guide told us we HAD to go through the marketplace to get back to the bus, which was by far the most God-awful experience! You do NOT have to go through there to get back to the bus. Go back up the way you went in.
BTW: We had similar problems in Cozumel, however, they were not as bad and it was obviously done good naturedly and light-heartedly, part of the game, if you will. And they never got obnoxious when you left without buying. The shop keepers in Ocho Rios were down right rude and it was not in a good natured sense.
Out of curiosity, isn't Princess discontinuing Ocho Rios and Jamaica in general in Jan.? I can't see the original post while replying so I don't know what date the cruise is.Norm wrote:
> Sue,
> I would not worry too much about the shopping centers in Ocho
> Rios. The clerks in the legitimate stores are only slightly
> more aggressive than here in the States, and they will leave
> you alone if you say that you are "just browsing." The taxi
> drivers will offer their services as you walk from store to
> store on outdoor sidewalk, but they move on to the next person
> if you politely say, "No, thank you." If your heart is on the
> land tour, go for it -- Prospect Plantation is fascinating!
> As to age limit, don't push it. They might not question your
> son's age, but there's no refund if they throw him off the
> excursion because he's under the minimum age. If your son is
> under the age limit, it's better to come back next year. There
> are plenty of other great tours on Grand Cayman. Check out the
> "Sea and See" tour, for example!
> You might want to catch the Mexican Cultural Show in San Miguel
> de Cozumel. It's one of the best that I have seen anywhere in
> Mexico. It's only an hour, so you will have plenty of time to
> head over to Carlos 'n' Charlie's afterward.
> Norm.
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