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Default RE: Shore Excursions and Private Balcony on Grand


I should add two points of clarification to the answers to your initial post. Whoever said that the balconies of the minisuites are smaller than those of standard cabins was completely wrong on that point. The balconies of the minisuites do extend under the balcony above, and they are much larger than the balconies of the standard cabins. The balconies of the minisuites have enough room for deck lounges in addition to the patio table and chairs, whereas the balconies of most standard cabins have only a small plastic patio table and two chairs.

As I said earlier, the balconies of the minisuites are private -- which means that each minisuite has its own balcony that is not accessible to other passengers. Nonetheless, the balconies of the minisuites on the Dolphin Deck protrude beyond the balconies on the Carib Deck. Thus, the outer couple feet of those balconies are visible from the Skywalkers night club / observation lounge and possibly from the balconies above. Of course, this is only a consideration if you plan to use your balcony for nude sunbathing or outdoor sexual exploits -- which I would not recommend anyway because the balconies are visible to personnel passing ships and to "eye in the sky" satellites anyway.

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