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Default Re: 4 people in a mini suite

We had an aft mini on Dawn (536 sq feet) and we had an additional adult with us. The reduced rate is for anyone. In our case, there was a separate hallway to the dual bathroom. You had a toilet and sink in one room and a doorway through to a sink and jacuuzi tub. We also had a full curtain that could be drawn between us. Since the additional adult was my sister-in-law, it was more tolerable - and it was the only way we could affort it. We split the entire cost three ways. The hide-a-bed couch was smaller than a double bed, so I don't think two adults would be very comfortable. Also, the mattress on it was awful (more like an exercise pad). As soon as my sis saw it, she insisted on a real mattress. Our room stewardess suggested she wait until the following evening, but was very accommodating and came up with it while we were out for the evening show.

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