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Hi Frank... This is Nobby and the website with the Patters and menu's are mine... I'm not sure why some of the Patters are not full pages anymore. I did post them as full pages. Some reason they vanished just as some of my changes I made... I will fix it next weekend... Thanks for letting me know!


http://www.nobbync.comFrank wrote:

> Those were interesting to see, however, I'm not going to let
> the rest of the 13 people traveling know about it. I don't
> want to ruin the surprise. It is always fun to see what will
> be on the menu each evening. (G) Whoever posted those did not
> get a full picture of those pages for the Platter. My wife
> will have trouble both choosing and eating all that I know she
> will like on that third night's dinner. Thanks for the web
> site.
> Frank-in-CA
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