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I am sure this question has been answered before, but I appreciate anyone explaining it to me. We are considering a Princess cruise & prefer traditional dining. However, if we request traditional dining, can we also decide some nights to eat at the other non-traditional restrurants?

If you have traditional dining, you may opt to go to any of the alternative restaurants, and you also can eat at the "Anytime Dining" dining room if circumstances prevent you from eating at your scheduled seating (but note that both dining rooms serve the same menu each night). As a courtesy, advise your waiter or waitress of your plans in advance so that he or she does not hold the table in anticipation of your late arrival.

Also, any differences between the Grand & Golden. Which ship should I choose?

Fundamentally, there's little difference between MV Grand Princess and MV Golden Princess -- and I would shun both of them in favor of just about any other ship in the Princess fleet. These ships have some major layout flaws that are extremely annoying at best. You'll find plenty of variety aboard MV Sun Princess, MV Dawn Princess, MV Sea Princess, and MV Ocean Princess, and undoubtedly just as much aboard the new MV Coral Princess.

Have a great cruise!

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