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Princess Di
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Dear Murray and Marlene,
I, also, am embarking in AKL on 8 Dec. 03 and just deposited my first tour to the Coromandel for 2 days with Aotearoa Tours. We stay at their lodge in Waitangi one night. It is small-tour company and they will pick us up early a.m. right from our international flight at the a/p and bring us back to our AKL hotel the next day. You can find them by just searching for Glenn & Rennie and I have sent > 10 e-mails and sound like very nice Kiwis. Anyone have recommendations for small-tour operators from AKL to visit Bay of Isles and Rotorua?
Who are you using for your trip to Cairns? I am leaving my big piece of luggage in Sydney at my B&B (where I return on 25 Dec.).
In the mean time, I fly to Cairns on 20 Dec and then on to Darwin then Ayers Rock. If anyone has recommendations for hotels (preferable B&B) or small tour operators, kindly e-mail me. Any suggestions for Christmas and Boxing Day? Everything seems to shut down then. On 25 Dec, I will be flying from Ayers to Sydney. Have any recommendations for small-tour operators in Sydney? Thanks for your help!
Fair Winds and Following Seas!
Princess Di
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