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Default Re: Coral Princess

Hi Frank,

Which cruise, we have no idea.

We are looking at the following -

One of the Princess SoPac on the old Renaissance Ships -
Copenhagen to Russia and return -
A river cruise thru France - but with the war and all -
Sailing a catamaran around the Whitsundays -
Or - saving all our pennies and doing the Cape to Cape on the Royal via Antartica. This would be my cruise of choice - been to both capes, but not Antartica and I truely loved the Royal, but the timing is all wrong at the moment.

We are not in any hurry to decide-

A cuise from NZ to Oz would be a good choice. I will have a look at the itin. It is smack in the middle of the Aussie summer and just at the end of the long summer break for school children and workers. Generally speaking December 18 or so to January 26 most Aussies take holidays. A good time to travel.

San Franciso to Tahiti on R3 - wow, I love Ren. I did 2 cruises with her, Asia and Carribean on the small ships. Loved it. This sounds like a eating extravaganza - San Fran - the home of the finest food in the US and Tahiti - home to great cheese and wine - and those beautiful polynesians.

From R3 to Coral - big difference. Coral as you have noticed hit a chord with me. She is a very fine large ship. I do like the thought of smaller ships at the moment. Really small like for 2.

Have a great cruise, sorry cruises, please feel free to email me if you want any specific info re ports in the So Pac. Happy to help. Do the NZ to Australia - it would be fun, just a slog to get here.

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