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I, too, am sorry for your experience. It is too bad that the friend travelling with you could not assist with the situation and avoid all of the difficulties.

I am confined to a wheelchair due to MD. I disembarked the Island Princess on 1-15-04 and the entire day I felt like a valued guest! They assisted me (and my group) until we met the van for the transfer. One individual with Princess, Mary B. was absolutely outstanding. In fact, I insisted on getting her name so that I could sent a positive note for her personnel file. She was a calming assist when 2000 people with luggage are going 2000 directions and the ship is preparing for 2000 new passengers.

I can tell you are frustrated, probably at the MS, understandably so. Often times when I get that way it is easiest to take it out on those nearest me and those situations often snowball into something worse.

I am sorry for your perception of the situation. I plan many cruises in the future and since Princess does such an outstanding job with handicapped passengers, I wouldn't consider a different line. 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'

Equally important is that I take responsibility for MY limitatrions. It is not Princess' fault that I am in a wheelchair. They go way above and beyond the services legally required by them.

I wish you luck in the future and in EVERTHING, put the best construction on things!
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