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Ian Roeser
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Default Re: Carnival Vs. Princess?

We are in our mid forties and absolutely love Princess. We are going on back-to-back Princess cruises in Feb. first Carribean (East caribbean) and then Star (Western caribbean). On our first Princess cruise we were actually invited to a wedding in St. Thomas by a couple who were about 25 or so and we had a magnificent time hanging out with them. As well we have met a couple in their late 60's who we are still in touch with. All this to say, there is a wide range of people and ages but one thing we didn't find especially in Feb. was kids. No offence they are fine but when we reach that age and spend that much money we don't appreciate the aggravation of children swarming all over the place. In other word, Princess is our favorite and that's why we are going again, again and again. By the way the food is extraordinary and unlike other cruise lines we have been on there is 24-hour food, which is kind of nice if you wake up at 2:00 am and decide you have the munchies. Other lines we have been on we found that we were "sh__ out of luck" since the food was very time regimented. We also found that Princess actually had fridges instead of mini-bars and so we picked up a case of beer and a bottle of wine in St. Thomas or anywhere else we stopped and there was no big deal. Anyway I guess you know by now we are big fans of Princess and hope to see some of you out there on our two cruises this coming Feb. 2005. Enjoy!
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