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Was on the 30 day LA to Sydney cruise on the Sapphire. The pluses far outnumber the minuses. Beautiful new ship, very good food, friendly (with a few exceptions) and good staff. Entertainment so so. Minuses: they nickle and dime you , which I guess all 4 star lines do, international dining room inconvenient to get to--due to kitchen in mid 6th deck to cover the 4 other restaurants, and some other problems.

As far as anytime dining, which took a lot of threads in prior discussion, I wouldn't do it.
I cannot speak from personal experience, as I took traditional dining; but from complaints and grumbling by many who did. People got tired of having to make reservations every night on the trip. Often unable to get the time they wanted. Some ended up in the buffet. I would estimate that at least 2 dozen people told me they would never take anytime dining again. In traditional dining you can order from any of the restaurants menus (as you can in all the restaurants), We had 6 great table mates, and we looked forward to dinner because of that.

Anytime dining maybe ok in 7 days cruises, but not recommend it for longer cruises!!!

Will gladly answer any questions about the ship, cruise, ports etc.


PS: Celebrity is a better line, but Princess a very close second
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