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This is Brian, I wrote the bad things that happened to me on the Sun Princess. This person Richard Forcella wrote me an email today about my review this is what he said.

"You are way too young to find so many things to complain about while on vacation. Your "review" was written as if you were a 10 year old. By the way Einstein, it's not the cruise line's fault that there was an outbreak of Norwalk on the ship. I pity them actually, not only do they need to put up with the possibility of getting sick all the time, but they must deal with the likes of a whiner like you. Get a life and don't waste people's time writing such dribble.
Richard Dallas TX
PS Please don't even bother responding, your Email will be deleted"

Boy Richard seems like he does not like me. I quess he got mad that im not to smart and he did not like my review. First of all, I don't need people to say that im not smart. I got that my entire life. Having a learning disability and being dyslexic is very hard to grow up with. I try the best I can and things just come out different.

I have been on 23 cruises, RCCL 7 times, Holland America 3 times, Carnival twice, Princess 8 times, NCL once and Cruise West twice. It's not like I have not cruised before. I know how a cruise ship should be. Everyone has the right to an opinion and to complain. Richard thinks im a whiner. Well, he is doing a good job himself. In his review when he was on the Rhapsody of the Seas in 2002 he fell down in the Windjammer Cafe. He said "Never once after the fall was I contacted to see how I was doing. This left me with a very negative impression of RCL and I decided to book our next cruise with another line." Or when he was on the Carnival Spirit in 2004 he said that the "dinner in the evening was a much different experience. This ship served the absolute worst food we have ever had on any cruise. The food was poorly presented, of inferior quality and completely tasteless. The meat was loaded with either tenderizers or MSG (or both) and the fish entrees had no taste and several definitely did not seem fresh. The most disappointing part of the dinner experience was the disparity between the description of the food on the menus and what you actually received."

How would Richard like it if someone E-mails him and criticize the way he writes and blasts him about he is a whiner. This E-mail he wrote to me is like a Hit an Run. It's not ok for me to tell about my bad experience with Princess but what about him. I think he is a hipercrit.

So if you read any of his reviews or if he ever writes you an e-mail be aware.
He really want's to ruin your day with insults. You can write Richard Forcella at He can write me bad stuff, but he doesn't want me to E-mail him back. I hate to work with him. I bet he has not to many friends.
I had to say something because this E-mail he sent me really made me feel bad.
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