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Default Re: Voyager dining room

Food is fantastic on Voyager. I have sailed her twice, October and December. The only complaint I remember from the August cruise was about portion size. I never had such a problem.

I especially enjoyed the beef, lamb, and ostich. Caviar is not as omnipresent as in the past (due to cost increses) but is still flowing. Room service is excellen. Where else can you get matzo ball soup and a wonderful filet at 0400.

La Verandah is wonderful for breakfast and lunch. In addition, La Verandah is wonderful as a casual alternative for dinner. Even when I ate in one of the other three restaurants, I often went to La Verandah for flambe for dessert.

Signatures is the best restauant at sea. Enjoy it. I hear Latitudes is changing again. I enjoyed the fix menu both times on Voyager and also on Mariner.

If you have specific dining questions, I will try to answer them.


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