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Default Re: Royal Carib. Smoking Policy

Actually there is hope. I was the world's happiest 3 pack a day smoker. I had absoloutely no intention of quitting, ever. Nobody believed that I would be able to quit. I then had my retirement physical from the U S Air Force and had a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT). The doctor took a look at the results and told me that if it was this bad at age 40 that he could almost guarantee that if (<---the if being the real scary part) I was around at age 60 I would be carting around a tank of oxygen. I haven't touched one since. Nicorette gum was a big help for me and I used that for the first two months after I quit, it fooled my system into thinking I had smoked. The usage declined until one day I noticed that I didn't use one Nicorette gum either. Then I was truly free.

I am fairly tolerant of smokers but once in a while I have to get crazy on a smoking friend.

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