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Default Re: RCI Needs Open Dining!!

"Judging the product" of a cruiseship is an individual thing. Everyone's likes and dislikes are different including when and what to eat, what show to see, what activites to take part in and the type of service desired. We are not debating whether or not Royal Caribbean should do away with traditional dining and offer personal choice dining exclusively (I am not in favor of that, either) but rather should Royal Caribbean offer personal choice in addition to traditional dining to satisfy everyone's tastes. I am sure if "personal choice dining" continues to gain in popularity, Royal Caribbean will eventually follow suit and offer it on their ships. If one wishes to continue with the traditional dining room service than that should also be an available option. "Options" is the key! I don'tunderstand why anyone would object to Royal Caribbean offering "personal choice dining" if they weren't forced to participate.
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