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Default Re: Difference in Rooms -Brillance

The primary differences between the Deluxe Oceanview staterooms (category D)and the Superior Oceanview staterooms (category E) are size and location. E staterooms are slightly smaller than category D rooms. The most noticeable difference seemed to be that where Ds had room for a sofa, the E rooms could only accommodate an upholstered chair. I believe that there is a website which gives the sq. ft dimensions of the rooms which may give you a better idea of the difference in size. We stayed in an E1 last year when we sailed on the Radiance but have booked a D for next month's cruise on Brilliance. Based on what we saw on the Radiance and the on-line photos we have seen of the Brilliance, it is a beautiful ship. If you are sailing on September 15th, we'll be the folks being carried off kicking and screaming () because our transatlantic cruise is over.
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