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Default Re: Tropical stors! What happens to my cruise?

Relax! We were on a cruise 3 years ago when Hurricane Jose hit the Southern Caribbean in of the few major hurricanes EVER to hit the southern Carib that late in the season...just our luck. It turned out great however. After the first day in port in St. Thomas, they announced we were being re-routed to Aruba and Curacao (originally going to Antigua, Barbados and Martinique). We had great weather with no sign of the hurricane. Coming back from Aruba, the seas were a little rough and we were again re-routed to St Croix (instead of St Maarten) because St Maarten was a tender port and the seas were too rough to tender. We had a perfectly wonderful time on the cruise and like you, didn't mind being re-routed away from the bad weather at all.

Everything will be fine....Don't happy!!!
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