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Laira C.
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Default Re: western caribbean questions

Concerning Motionsickness - I would definetly recommend the patch behind the ear this time of year. Bonine seems to work well for some people - it's over the counter at Wal-mart, Eckards, etc. The patch works best for everyone though. True some side effects can include some dizziness or blurred vision, but this is for a small percentage of people and it's much better than throwing up. I've never had anything but success with the patches. My husband and I cut the patches in half and use one half for each of us. This is usually enough medicine to keep us from getting sick. If the seas are particularly rough, a full patch works best. But starting with half patches keeps the cost down and will usually do the job. We have not found the wrist bands to remain effective, because you constantly have to make sure they are on your "pressure point". Also, no luck with garlic for us. Enjoy your cruise!
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