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Default Re: How would your post read?

We had an adventure with storms this last trip. Sailed on Carnival Miracle out of tampa, same day dennis was in town. We had to wait 13 hrs to board the ship, cause it was 3 hrs behide the storm at sea. The poor passengers on board her, were having the ride of a lifetime I heard. Very rough seas. Many were sick.
We slept on the floor of terminal waiting for ship to dock, finally at 3am we boarded our clean ship and went to bed. In morining we were told, no grand caymen, it was hit hard.
Bummer for us, but we did get $150 back per person. Fine with me, I didn't want to see all that distruction any way. We had a good cruise, decent weather, but high tailed it home hrs before Emily was due to arrive.

I would have been pissed if we went some place cold instead of some place tropical.
But such is life.....there is no trying to reason with hurricane season!
I would rather be safe than sorry. I learned a big lesson from this last experience.
Don't cruise during hurricane season! Too many what if's for me.
So for now on it's April, nice calm seas, no hurricanes, no changes (we hope)!
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