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Default Re: How would your post read?

I think you missed the "spirit" of Papa Bill's question (momx4& magnolia blossom come the closest IMHO)

If I read Papa Bills post correctly and I was on that cruise this would be my posting

G*(&*&*&m RCI...., didn't they have any better sense then to sail into a storm ? heck, I would have rather gone to Canada then to go into the middle of the mess...RCI ruined my cruise..they have all this hi tech weather equiptment and they made the dumb a&* decision to still try to sail to Bermuda. I've contacted my lawyer and will sue them for breach of contract and nasty customer service, when I demanded an explanation from the Captain he said "you paid for Bermuda, you are going to Bermuda", the last time there was a storm and we diverted I caught holy heck from the corporate office because I chose safety over passenger demands" wife was throwing up the entire cruise and I took the $10 per day surcharge off my S&S card because the service was horrible
(even the cabin and dining room attendants were throwing up)...I'll never cruise RCI again unless they refunded my 100% of my cruise and give me 50% credit towards a cruise to Canada (VBG)..

Is that what you were looking for Papa Bill ?
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