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Default Re: Viking Danube October

I've posted 2 river water level web-sights on this board for the following reason: we arrived in July for a Viking cruise from Amsterdam to Vienna & were told upon arrival that we'd be on a bus & in various hotels for at least 6 days- I wish I had checked the levels before we left... We refused to go. We heard that Viking knew about the river levels 3 weeks before we left the US (so that's early July, late June) & did not say a word to any of the 120+ passengers who arrived in Amsterdam expecting a fabulous cruise. So.... Viking has known about the low water for over 3 months and is STILL booking reservations 3 weeks out? It seems reasonable that it will take months of downpours at this point to restore normal river levels in some places. I understand that unforeseen water levels, low or high, must be dealt with by cruise line & passengers... nature happens... but when the water level has been so low for so long, how can a cruise line keep selling tickets 2-3 weeks out without informing the passengers that they will be transported by bus to point A, B, & C, then taken by boat to D, E, & F? Only my opinion.
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