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Conch Conklin
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Default First European cruise -- suggestions wanted

We are hoping to make our first big cruise trip this year. Since we are very new at this (having done only short weekend cruises to the Bahamas), any and all suggestions are welcome. Here's what we would like to do:

Fly to Europe from South Florida, Business Class, for a reasonable rate, sometime around March - May 2001.

Cruise the Greek Islands for 7 - 10 days and return.

US Air is currently offering a 10-day Renaissance Cruise for $599 per person, January through March. I called them and they are going to send some brochures. Is this price too good to be true? What's the weather in Greece like in March? Do prices go up a lot during April and May?

As I said, any suggestions or advice is welcome!!

--Conch Conklin
Florida Keys

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