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Default Re: ship excursions vs shore excursions


Well have you ever heard the phrase MONEY TALKS ? Well it does very loudly in many of the countries you visit. Especially cash.

Here was myadventure in Ocho Rios....We took a tour to DUnns river falls...they drive you there and take you to the top...well to get down to the beach you walk down many , many steps. My wife and i did not feel like walking up all those steps to catch the bus to go shopping. Lo and behold ..hey theres a catamaran...I stroll over and talk to the captain and ask for a ride back to the ship. he said yes of course because here i am American with CASH wanting something. Well no sooner do we get on the catamaran, he calls everyone back early. We sail out into the ocean for a while ...while drinking the rum punch. At the end he came over and said that will be 50 dollars. I said ok,,,per person right ? for you as a couple. Cool no problem man.....
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