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Shan Rose
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Default Re: Enjoying Each Cruise


That was a funny story......there are those who are indeed very rigid in their thinking.....I tried to get my mom to go on a cruise but she won't have any of it.....won't even give it a chance...But I do recall myself yrs ago saying to my husband when he asked me to go on a cruise "What would I do on a cruise ship? How dumb was I? I'm now addicted to them and just get so excited to go on a cruise......I hate to hear these people complain about the smallest me it sounds as if they are extremely spoiled! Carole Dunham wrote:
> Sometimes people are totally rigid in their thinking about
> things. A friend of mine married a man like that. He sailed
> on a troop ship from Seattle to Korea for the Korean war. He
> hated Seattle and has no clue how it's developed since and
> doesn't even want to hear about it since he will never go
> back. As far as ships are concerned, his troop ship was not
> built for any sort of comfort and without stabilizers could
> move so much faster. He got very seasick. His wife was my
> frequent cruise companion before they got married. Since he
> doesn't want to know that cruise ships are quite different
> than troop carriers He will not entertain the idea of a
> cruise. Needless to say, we don't like each other a whole lot.
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