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Default Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results Father gets kicked

Just my $.02 worth but I know of no ship that has only one worker in the Camp Carnival area. They usually have close to a dozen on Fantasy class ships and more on the larger ones. Although I have never had my kids in Camp Carnival as they are too old I have heard nothing but good remarks about these people. I HAVE inspected their area and found it to be very well stocked with interesting things to do and play with. Your older son would have been required to stay with his group when they left the secure area and is not allowed to wander around. Doesn't sound like he gave you the full information or he was confused about what was going on. Striking a child is, and should never be tolerated. Did your daughter confirm what your son said happened? Any of the other kids there have any problems? I really am quite shocked by your report to say the least. I know that CCL will investigate any and all charges.
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