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Default Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results Father gets kicked

The facts are as I have stated. The reasoning we received from the security guard was: "I have been asked to stand by their door this evening due to "the gentleman" made a scene in the main lobby and the hotel manager does not want to have the other passengers disturbed." In other words the hotel manager did not want the situation spread to other passengers.

I have spoke to Carnival Guest Relations Dept. The incident report has not been received and we were put off until next Monday.

We have contacted an attorney and we did take pictures of the hand print as well as the bruises. Granted the bruises could have come from playing BUT----- the adult hand print is a different animal.

I was also able to talk with a grandmother the same day my husband was removed from the ship. She was by the kiddie pool with her 19 month old grandson that had been kicked out of Camp Carnival the previous day by the same care giver-----the reason was he made too much noise and would not take naps as the other children did. I did get her name and personal information. She also stated that she had never had such a bad experience with Camp Carnival. She and her husband bring their 6 grandchildren, ages 19 months to 15 years, on a yearly cruise.

I would like for everyone to understand that we did not just drop our children off and expected the care givers to have them for 8 - 10 hours. We spent our time with our children both on board the ship and exposed them to each port. We went on this cruise with other members of our family so the children were well taken care of in addition to the Camp Carnival. The Camp Carnival on the Holiday was in no way the same quality like other other ships.

We did consult the first purser after the first incident. We did feel confident after talking with the care givers supervisor and the first purser was a witness to the conversation. We felt that our children would be in good hands for the 3.5 hours of the excursion.

I would like to thank everyone for their interest in our situation. Your comments and suggestions have helped make our choices easier.

I will keep you posted as to the outcome.
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