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I thank you much for your reply, you are the first to encourage me about the approach for me and my better half to work on the same ship. I have done an excessive amount of research and ordered a cruise ship job book which explains every postion and salaries as well. I have read that IT/IS and Hotel Management personnel get excellent pay and as for the long hours, we both don't mind we are going there to work and play if some free time permits.

My main concern was to be on the same ship with my better half, we would both be ok living in different cabins for a while until we prove ourselves to the company and show that we are mature and take our careers seriously. The one thing that might stop us from applying for these postions is being apart on different vessels and knowing that contracts usually last 6-10 months depending on the position hired for, that is something we don't want to do, being apart months at a time or even being transfered around to different ships.

One question I have for you Paul is, when me and my girlfriend send our resumes in the next little while to various cruise lines, we plan to take the approach of at least being on the same vessel, should we send our resumes as one package to the department we apply or should we just send it individually and then wait to see who will get contacted first and then mention our situation. Do you recommend that I or she tell the employer , what about my boyfriend or girlfriend?

Paul I thank you much
Have a good one.
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