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Default Re: Re: spring break cruise

Yes there will be one 25 year old per cabin - I've already told my niece that (now what happens when they get on the ship I suppose is a different story). This summer the three teenage girls and mom were assigned to one cabin and the teenage boy and dad to another cabin - but needless to say, the four teenagers did all stay in the same cabin and mom moved in with dad. (The kids, curiously, got a "form" letter one morning advising that a 25 year old was required in each cabin - but the parents got nothing - and nothing more was ever said). So the four teenagers were in a quad inside on Rhapsody - and they had friends who were staying the Category A suites - who would come and sleep on the floor! (I guess to get away from their parents!) I can only imagine what spring break would be like on one of these ships (not time to take grandma that's for sure - though in my case, she'd have the casino to herself - though RCCL now lets 18 year olds gamble, and drink beer and wine - certainly good for the economic bottom line but I wonder if that changes for spring break time cruises - almost all these girls would be 18 by then!) Sadly, there are no more mean nuns - the parents will have to take all responsibility. Thanks for the suggestions.
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