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David Starkey
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Default Re: Re: My New Ship Burned in the Shipyard!

Rick, I too am booked on the Diamond, but not until Aug3rd. I spoke with a supervisor in reservations this morning and Princess is saying the yard will have the ship ready to sail in June. I understand that Princess and the builder had a ton of insurance on her and ton's of workers will work long hours to fix and finish the ship. I was going to rebook but have decided to wait and see how things progress. In truth I suspect the yard does't currently know "all" the damage thats been done or have a complete idea yet as to how long the "fix" will take. It would seem to me that just ordering much less manufacturing and instalation of new stuff or replacement would present a serious challenge to June sailings. I do know this order was important to the yard in Japan and to future new build cruiseship construction. I expect they will pull all the plugs and do an incredible amount of work in the up coming days and months.....
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