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Default Re: Travel Gent said HAL is the worst Cruise Line ?

My wife and I do have our own Cruise travel agency. In my opinion the travel agent that made the comments to you is probably not a good travel agent. A good travel agent would understand that every cruise line caters to a little different crowd and what is a good cruise line for one person may not be good for another.

To say that one cruise line is better than all the others is foolish, again my opinion. I have cruised on different cruise lines and yes I have my favorite but I have never had a bad cruise and I can understand why some people may prefer the other cruise lines over the one I prefer.

I am willing to bet that if you go with an open mind and with the intentions of having a good time that you will have a great time on HAL. I never go on a new cruise line and compare it to the other lines because I know they all have some differences. I go on a cruise and look for the things that I enjoy and focus on those things.
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