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Default Re: Re: Problems with Carnival HELP

As suggested above I wouldn't stop untill I spoke to somebody in charge to see if you can get to the bottom of it. Don't quote me on this but for some reason I think that all calls are monitored so maybe you might have some recourse that way.
O/T As you can see I have been on many Carnival cruises. Years ago I would say that T/A always seem to have better prices then the cruiselines. One of the reasons why I believe was when a T/A got a reservation they would book it as a group and then sell off the remaining cabins as everyone used them to book their cruise. Today with the internet and Carnival making it known that you can book directly through them more people are going that way. I have used my Carnival PVP the last 5 times and she has ALWAYS had the better price and trust me I shop around with big companys and the mom and pop T/A and she tells me if I find that cruise cheaper to call her back and she will get me that price. Thats why I'm always on the computer looking for it cheaper.<G>If anyone needs her name email me, shes great.


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