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Default Re: Countdown Clocks

Hi FlyingJs,

I see you are already a registered member of Cruisemates. That's great. Here's how you make the clock if you're a registered member.

- When you are logged in, look at any message thread; at the bottom you'll see a link titled "My Profile." Click it, then click "Edit Profile."

- In the big blank area titled "Signature," copy-and-paste the following:

[img[img][/img]];10; 22;16;00;00&timezone=GMT-0500f[/img[img][/img]]
Carnival Fantasy

- Where it says 2003;10;22; replace the numbers with the year;month;day of your upcoming cruise.

- Where it says Carnival Fantasy, replace the ship's name with the ship's name for the cruise you're currently counting down to.

- Click the "Update Profile" button and you should be good to go!

Michelle B.

Land Cruise, Britain and Belgium

Now posting as MichelleP.
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