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Default Re: AirFare - how early is too early to purchase?

Gotta love this board!!

Thanks for the advice everyone. Not only have I been searching for my own airfare bargains - I'm helping a friend look for hers! I think I could quote prices 24/7 and should start asking for a deposit! I'm obsessed with getting the best price - I just know how are luck runs and would hate to have to spend an extra $100 bucks for so to make a flight change due to our work we all know "Anything can happen" and usually to us! We're lucky to have an airport here - and access to 4 major hubs less than 3 hours away...just hate to have that drive waiting for both ways!

Anybody out there living within 3 hours of a port interested in adopting me? hehehehe I'm house broke, current on all my shots and I don't shed...

(thanks for everyone's help!) Sheryl

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