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Default Re: Is both our 60th birthdays and wed anniversary

congratulations on your birthdays and anniversary.

all ships have the option of skipping formal night and eating in your cabin or at the lido buffett or other resturants on the ship. do a search in the reveiw section of the message boards for the ship you are interested in and you will probably get a better idea of what the atmosphere is on the sea and port days as far as dress goes on and off the ship . i think you will find though that the more upscale lines will be more formally dressed all the time than lets say canival or the more casual festive atmosphere ships. have you checked out the holland ships and cruises? they might be what you are looking for. i hope you find one that fits your destination and atmosphere you want. do you know yet where you want to go, what port you want to leave from and for how long you want to sail ? this will be a factor also of what ship you have to choose from.

have a wonderful time on the ship and celebrating your special events.

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