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claude gareau
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Default Re: Early return flight home from Miami?

Both previous cruisemates are dead on target..... Look at flights leaving
after 12.30//1.00pm AND request early debark right at the time you can fill
the sheet containing the primary informations for Miami debark :: you can actually
hand that in right at checkin when you EMBARK the previous week; the shoreside crews
turn that over to the ship crew before she sails; then, you can followup during the
cruise, at the purser's desk.
That way, you won't have to stress yourself right back up to the level you were
before you started the cruise ....and customs/security/airport--induced delays before
you board the flight won't cause a ''blood pressure '' surge.

IMO, Miami and L.A are the worst place to fly away, same day you debark...unless
you're going home late afternoon, early evening. I think, on the heaviest cruise days
in Miami, there are SEVEN the math....Up to 16,000 people bound to
show up at the airport at some point in time....but ALL getting off the ships on or
before 10.00-ish....Ouf....

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