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Default Re: off the beaten path in Ocho Rios

Hello, having done the wester caribbean two years ago and stopping off at ochio rios...let me just say it is beautiful but do not go off the beaten path! They will warn you at the greeting the night before when they expain what each excurtion is. They will tell you that you should not stray and they are very aggressive when you are not even looking to buy anything. We did the dunns river falls and before we even walked down to the beach where it begins they hauled my husband and me into this little market place that is like a maze to get out of. Then after you finish the falls you have to walk through it again! Not to scare you though the place is beautiful but I would book an excursion with the ship that will take you and your group to see things off the beaten path. We did the dolphin swim there and it was nice and they were not that aggressive. Enjoy the beautiful beach!! Have fun!
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