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Default Re: Flying East Coast to Vancouver

I am flying from the Mid-west to Vancouver in May for the Carnival Sprit Northbound alaska cruise. I spoke with the representative and they said that flights directly to Vancouver are rare if at all. Mostly they fly you into Seattle and put you on a bus to Vancouver. Also, Seward is a very small town so ifyou are disembarking there you will be taken on a 3 hr bus trip to Anchorage (no way to fly out of Seward) and then flown out of Anchorage. If you are going on a roundtrip cruise (start in Vancouver, end in Vancouver) and you are going to take Carnival flights you will most likely have to ride back to Seattle and fly out there. I have personally arranged for my own flight direct to Vancouver and then out of Anchorage to home for cheaper ($150 US Dollars cheaper per person) than what the cruise line wanted to charge me to fly into Seattle. (look at American they are cheaper nowadays)

If any more questions feel free to email me

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