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John Q
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Default Re: Dog Sledding on Wheels vs. on Snow?

Well, I haven't done a dog sled ride on snow and I think it would be great, but since it didn't pressent itself to us without a helo ride, we did the Seavy Family Kennel tour and sled ride on wheels in Seward last year. We enjoyed the tour. Just being around the kennels with 50-60 dogs tied up and barking in eager anticipation and vying to be chosen for each run was amazing, So was the hooking up process, and then the wild ride down a two mile unpaved trail/road around their property and down along the river. The wheeled sleds held about 6-8 people each I believe, and they may have had different sizes. They also brief you on the dogs, answer questions, show you the Iditarod clothing, and afterwards, take you to the puppy kennels to hold/ pet the pups. All at a reasonable price and it only lasted about 1.5 hours, and is right on the road to Exit Glacier. Well worth the time.
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