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Default Re: Haines and Dolly Varden

We are on the Star Princess departing June 14th and have a full day in Skagway as well. After alot of deliberation and pondering, we booked the same trip you are considering with Dolly Varden. (I also found Eco Orca on the Haines website - they have the same phone # as Dolly Varden Alaska so they seem to work together.) If you book this, mention that you saw the special Family Circle magazine coupon for Dolly Varden. This "coupon" (and I have lost the link to that page) lets you buy one raft trip and get one raft trip for free. There are 2 of us and we saved $78. We still had to pay the $44 each transportation, but mentioning the offer in Family Circle was a great savings. You do not need the actual coupon, but just mention you saw this special offer. To add the Chilkoot Lake Nature Tour was only an additional $20. So for 2 of us we are seeing the Bald Eagle Preserve, doing the float trip, seeing Ft. Seward and Chilkoot Lake for $206 total. We considered other excursions, but taking into account the diversity of this tour, we felt that the time would be well spent. Our other choice for our long day in Skagway was horseback riding, but the only tour was right in the middle of the day. We are taking the 8 am Bald Eagle Chilkat Raft and Float/Chilkoot Lake tour and anticipate returning to Skagway between 1:30 and 2:00. Enough time for us to then see some of Skagway - thinking of going to the Visitor Center and hiking to Lower Dewey Lake. Might even be able to squeeze in seeing Reid Falls too! It will be a busy day. I read some other messages recommending Dolly Varden & Jane was very helpful in answering my many questions! I prefer to get away from the crowds of the cruise ship and hope this will be a great trip. Good luck making your decision.
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