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Default Re: Re: vancouver hotels next to Canada Place

The Pan Pacific is right on the dock. You can go down the elevator right to the cruise booking-in area. It is expensive though. We were glad we stayed there once, because being right there, we saw 2 HAL ships leave the night we arrived, then saw our ship as soon as we awoke. However, we are planning to go back, and next time we will stay somewhere cheaper. I'm thinking that if we don't stay at Canada Place, then we will have to pay for 2 taxi rides - 1 to our hotel and 1 to Canada Place. We might stay out near the airport where there is a free shuttle to the hotel from the airport, since all we'll want to do after we arrive is crash and burn. Then we only have to pay for 1 taxi ride (to Canada Place) on embarkation day. It costs about $25 Canadian from the airport to Canada Place. (About $1.55 Canadian is $1 US.)
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