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Default Re: Re: Re: Margaritaville - montego bay

We bought a book on Western Carribean at Barnes and Noble this weekend, ( A cruisers guide to Jamiaca, mexico cayman islands etc. ) the one thing they stress in the book is DO NOT GET INTO A VEHICLE WITH ANYONE THAT IS NOT WEARING THE COLORS OF THE JAMAICAN FLAG, AND IS NOT A REGISTERED TOUR GUIDE. ALSO DO NOT GO WITH ANYONE THAT TELLS YOU THEY WILL TAKE YOU TO A 'SPECIAL PLACE' The actual tour guides, (drivers) wear colors similar to the flag,( I think orange and black but please check it out on the Jamaica web site) and will be happy to take you to the Police, or Travel bureau if you question their intergrity. The ones that want to take you someplace special are usually taking you to drugs and the book says they have no problem arresting a cruise ship passenger that was mistaken by this. So Please, Everyone be very careful about who you hire to drive you and where you go. I do not know if this is a common thing, but just wanted to give a heads up and ask everyone to be leary of anyone suspicious. I would hate to hear of anybody getting hurt or into trouble on their cruise. So, be safe, and use common sense and have the time of your life on your cruise!
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