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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

I'll do this so you can see I'm trying and then will get off for awhile.Trevor's watching the History Channel so I'm sure he's waiting patiently for me to relinquish the computer or "play the game"-Scrabble.
My Bolts won in double overtime last night (What a relief!) so the final game of the Finals comes back to Tampa and they play tomorrow night. That will be the biggie. I hope the Bolts can break precedent again like they did winning 2 games in a row last night. Now they have to win 3. At least if the Flames do win-it won't be in their own arena so they won't get the roaring crowd. . I was in dreamland by the time the Bolts won last night. I'd had some extra Kahlua on my ice cream earlier which really did it's job later!
Carol-read the Caribbean Roll Call today and you'll get an idea!! (Donna's ). If not, it's Mark and Amanda's. I can't remember. Bye. Lynne
J. Bon be careful out there in those pastures. It sounds like Spookrdyer has a nice family as well. We're glad you're on with us.

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