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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

Dear Angie,
I don't get to drive Christine Chrysler too often, as Trevor likes to keep her protected from the sun.The other day the external temperature hit 100 degrees! We have a Sebring Convertible Limited--Color is Satin Blue, with a Navy top,and tan interior. It is really sharp.Has a 6 CD player,too. As I said, I drive Brenda Buick to work every day.She's now the "Older Sister" with close to 130,000 miles on her.But,she still purrs like a kitten.

As for Scrabble, I beat Trevor by 100 points the other night, but he takes great joy in creaming me.A few nights ago he had over 400 points to my 287 or something.But-he had all the high scoring letters plus the 2 blanks. It seems all I kept getting were vowels, even when I exchanged them.Maybe a couple of 3 or 4 pointers every so often. He also has this annoying habit of being behind for much of a game-I could be 100 points up on him, but then he gets lucky or takes the spot-which he often does-that I was planning to take that would have given me a whopper of a score-and ends up beating me by 10-20 or less points. We should have a tournament, or round robin.You play with Trevor, I'll play with your husband, and see how it goes.

Trevor told me to sign up with the Godrey tour that you, Carol and Ashley are going on.So I hope it happens.Carol even invited another couple, Mark and Amanda, so if we get together we should have a ball.

That's it for now.J Bon will be glad that you took a breather from the horse and checked in. Bon, now that we know your real name, what do you prefer to be called??? Don't want to blow your rep!!! Lynne

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