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Default Re: Panama Canal from Galveston?

We are leaving two weeks from TODAY on the Galaxy out of Galveston. Can't wait! We have sailed Celebrity once before, the Summit in Alaska. We prefer the Voyager-class ships but they can't go everywhere due to their large size. We loved the Summit and, even though Galaxy is smaller, we are confident that our Celebrity experience will be wonderful again.
We are really happy that we were able to get a direct flight from Dayton to Houston (Continental), since we can't come in the day before. So no changing planes and less worry about lost or delayed luggage. We arrive in Houston at 8:30 AM and have booked the cruiseline shuttle to the ship. Official boarding begins at 11, but maybe we can use the public areas if we get there before then. Tues. I booked our excursions and submitted the on-line documentation, so we are all set.
Yesterday, I found another pretty outfit and a fancy top (to wear over an existing long, black tank dress) to add to the sparkly pants outfit I bought just after Christmas to complete my formal wear supply. I have lost weight recently and was FORCED,( lol) to get new clothes, formal and otherwise, But that has only added to my excitement and anticipation.
Today the 1-3 inch predicted snowfall has become 6-8 and it is still going strong. GRRRR! I am sooo ready for the warm Carib.
Now if our new grandbaby would only make his appearance, I would truly be ready. He is due any minute, actually overdue. Don't want to miss this one like we did the last one who was born 3 1/2 wks early while we were in Alaska. He was a week old before we saw him.

Explorer E. Carib. 1/12/02
Explorer W. Carib. 1/18/03
Summit Alaska cruise/tour 8/3/03
Adventure S. Carib. 2/8/04
Galaxy Panama Canal 2/3/05
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