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Default Re: Sloth sanctuary and Grand tour

I take the Embera village but with a private tour and it was my experience, first we took 45 minutes by road to get to the Madden dam in Chilibre we took some pictures of the dam. then we rode for about 30 minute in an indian canoe along the Chagres river to move to the village this part was the highlight of my 2 kids, after the ride the indians welcome us warmly, later we had the opportunity to saw their lifestyle and enjoy their dance show. after that we took the canoe again and we went river down for 10 min. approx. later we did a short hiking no more than 10 minutes for the rainforest where we saw more than 5 different birds, two sloths and one little snake before to found a the small waterfall and there we took a bath and enjoy the natural beauty of the place some other saw more birds. then, we returned to the village for lunch and we bought 3 pretty pieces of tagua (1 frog, 1 parrot , 1 turtle) I paid $20 for each one, I tend to think that the major of the artcraft took 20 day to make it because in general all cost $20 buck or more, finally, we return to Colon and we went to the Canal, where we saw the Gatun locks and the guide explain us how the canal has been operating during the last 90 years.

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