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Lynne &Trevor
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Good Morning
I don't know if my rose will come up or not this AM.My email server seems to be down so don't know if it will affect the posting.
Went to the eye doctor on Wednesday. I was there close to 3 hours-backed up. Anyway, my distance vision is better, but more magnification will be given for the reading. I have bi-focals so I guess the lower part of the "hour glass" (progressive lenses-no line) will get stronger. My eyes are pretty dry, too, so I'll have to get some drops.

Yesterday was a very raw day and the rain settled in during the late afternoon. It was just plain YUCKY! Trevor still asked me about going to Ft. Lauderdale this weekend. It was almost bedtime and I was very tired and cranky so after 10PM last night was not a good time to ask me.He has a yen to see his mother.This morning it's still cool and somewhat overcast with a high predicted at 71. It will have to be this weekend or next, as I'm scheduled to sing in the cantata on Palm Sunday, and the following week is Easter--sing in two services. We'll see how we feel. Sun is supposed to come out today but it will still be cool by the water. I'll get to see our ship, though.

Better get going. Several of our residents on one of Assisted Living floors have the flu so I've had to curtail activities up there so it doesn't spread. Fun, fun, fun.

Take care. Lynnie-ROSE

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