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It's 11PM and Trevor is in bed after beating me at 2 games of Scrabble. He needed those victories because he was terminated at the bank today. This was after a week where he was complimented and told that he's doing much better and brought up the bank rating by balancing out to the penny every day almost since he's been there. I believe it was a "manufactured" termination that has been in progress for some time.He did nothing overly earthshattering-mostly piddly stuff. Today the termination was based onwhat "might" happen because of a transaction he did, rather than a what "did" happen. He's so nice, too, that he didn't mention that the head teller who told him he had to leave forgot to tag a couple of transactions the other day and would have been $4000 under if Trevor hadn't of told her so she could fix it. Also, today, she made two $6000 mistakes on transactions that went into his computer by mistake when she meant to electronicly transfer the amounts into another teller's machine. He's really been on an emotional tightrope with the "girls" at this branch and it's a relief, really, that he doesn't have to work there anymore. He says he'll probably contact a couple of other banks who are advertising. He was told what I told him-Personell/Human Resources can only give out dates when he worked there, if called by another bank, no other information. It's kind of sad, and he's been on the edge of quitting for awhile now-up one or two days thinking he's doing great, and then called in--usually on a Friday. He was determined not to quit. It was a big step for him even to apply for a job after being off for 6 years. I'm proud of him for sticking with it for so long. He earned enough money to pay off a couple of credit cards, too, which was his main goal.
The first thing he said when he came home was "You can change the date of the cruise if you want to, I've been terminated, or the bank has terminated me."That may mean that we'll try to go on the Star Princess on Oct. 23. Yes, it goes West-but it will be a different ship, but Trevor would prefer that, and I've been posting on their roll call.
So, I thought I'd give you the news. As of last night we are still planning on going to Dayton in May, but if he gets a new job, I don't know if he can take vacation that soon.

I'm not sure if we'll be going to Ft. Lauderdale this weekend, either. He half mentioned it tonight. It would have to be this weekend or Palm Sunday weekend, in a couple of weeks, cause I'm needed to sing in the choir on an intergral anthem next week, and then I'd need to be back in town on the 20th eve to sing.Then it's Easter the following week with 2 services at church for the choir. I know I'll have the chance to see the ship several times before the Fall. CB

Take care for now. Love, Lynnie-ROSE

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