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Default Help with Trunk bay excursion in St. John

Trunk Bay Excursions in St. Thomas on Carnival

My wife and I will be on the Carnival Victory in June. We want to go to trunk bay for the beach and a little snorkeling. A few hours at the beach is good enough for us (we donít need to spend the whole day). My wife also wants to do some shopping in downtown (not just next to the ship). We are comfortable grabbing a taxi from the ship to downtown and shopping on our own. We donít need an excursion for that part of it (we have been jewelry shopping in St. Thomas several times).

So, regarding the Trunk Bay part, I looked on Carnivalís website and I see the following excursions offered:

1) St. John Trunk Bay Beach & Snorkel, 4 hours, $49/person

2) Five Star St. John & Trunk Bay, 4 hours, $59/person

It appears that the 5 star excursion offers travel aboard a 115 ft boat, anchors at trunk bay for ONLY 90 minutes, they provide you with snorkel gear and free rum punch.

It also appears that the cheaper St. John Trunk Bay Beach and Snorkel excursion gets us there by a ferry and bus. No comments listed about snorkel gear or how long we are actually on trunk bay.

I am leaning towards the cheaper excursion, but I need to know whether I should plan on renting snorkel gear there (if yes, how much per person) or if I should bring my own (which I have) or whether itís free.

Also, how long are we actually at Trunk Bay and how long is the travel part of this 4 hour excursion?

We are in port from 8am-6pm, so I see no problem with doing both the trunk bay and shopping downtown. In fact, it looks like we can do one, then come back to the ship for lunch and do the second.

Do either of these excursions have time of departure limitations (such as only departing at 8am or only at noon or something like that)? Thanks in advance.
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