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Default Re: Baltic Cruise-doing it on our own

WE just did 14 nights on the Galaxy. Did most ports ourselves. Bought the city cards in Oslo, Arhus, Copenhagen, and Helsinki. It really is great. In kmost places the cards admits you either free or at a reduced fee to most museums and attractions. Buses, trams, trains and ferries are also include. In some cities, sightseeing tours are included. A really good way to see the sights. We only bought tours in St. Peterburg. The Hermitage tour in AM gets you in about an hour before the crowds. The line when we left was wrapped aroung the block. People who did it on their own waited 2 hours and were crowded in the palace. Even if you get a visa and a guide, take the ship,s topur of the Hermitage. We also got in early at Catherine's palce in Puskin. We took the PM tour to Peterhof. Although, we bypast the lines to get in, it was crowded. THey were all worth seeing. Have fun. Relax and enjoy.
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